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2022/2023 Summer Season - Junior Nomination Form

All players wishing to play in the 2022/2023 summer season are asked to complete this form


  • Junior competition (excluding Orange Ball) - Commences 22/10 – 17/12; 28/1-4/3; No play 11,/3.  Finals 18/3 & 25/3 (15 matches + 2 week finals).

  • Orange Ball Competition - This will once again be run internally at OHTC and begin on 29th October at 10.45am. Please contact club coach Cameron Nash on 0492 848 065 if you would like to participate. Cost is $2.00 per week.  

  • For Juniors, Premier League & Division 1 will be played Friday nights.

  • Indicatively - Junior Divs. 2–8 (Boys) and 2-4 (Girls) will play on Saturdays between 8.30am – 10.45 am
    Other lower divisions including green ball will play on Saturdays between 10.45am – 12.45pm.

  • It is an expectation that players will be available for final


For all junior teams, weekly coaching/practice nights for all teams will be conducted by our club coach. This season we will be continuing the training the same as it was run in Winter (excluding Green Ball).  This season, your child can attend either the Monday or Wednesday night session, or both nights.  The sessions will run for 1 hour.  Your child will be put into hitting groups according to their level, and Cameron will be advising them on how to play their match in a tactical way as well as playing some tennis games and further drills to improve them.  If they cannot make one night, they can attend the other night that week if they’d prefer.  If you could please advise the night you believe your child will mainly be attending that would be fantastic, as we need to know that both nights are sustainable to run.  Please note that these sessions will commence on Monday, 17th October 2022 & Wednesday 19th October 2022. 

Green Ball training will be run on a night that is available to most players.

Coaching will not be conducted on public holidays or during school holidays

Junior team parents are rostered to supervise teams and/or assist at the club (including canteen) during junior matches, as well as setting up at the start of the day and making sure the courts are cleaned and ready for play.

Membership and competition fees must be paid IN FULL BY 31st October. Accounts will be issued after nomination.


(Junior Comp. eligibility is 17 years and under as at 1st October 2022)

What competition are you nominating for?


Please list practice nights you are planning on mainly attending:

Please note that Green Ball will be run separately to these trainings.  If your child is nominated for a Green Ball team  then you will be contacted to ask your best available time for training.

Practice Nights:


Please also state if you are happy for your child's name and possibly photo to be used on social media and the club website if your child's wins an award

Choose all that apply:
  • I/we acknowledge that by signing this form I/we agree to abide by the constitutions, policies, procedures and decisions of the O’Halloran Hill Tennis Club Inc. and Tennis Australia, and I/we agree to pay all associated fees with nominating, even if the nominated player pulls out before the season begins.

  • I/we give permission for the publication/distribution of our mobile phone numbers (within the club).

  • I/we understand that I as a parent, I/we are responsible for the transport of my/our junior aged player to and from venues and for supervision at venues including practice sessions.

  • I/we confirm that the player nominated on this form will be available for selection for all finals matches.

Enquiries to: 


  • Andrew Olds - 0422 042 337 (Seniors & General Enquiries)

  • Amanda Burgess - 0406 216 047 (Juniors only)

Thanks for nominating!

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