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All players wishing to be a member of O'Halloran Hill Tennis Club for 2022-2023 are asked to complete this form.


Membership Type:


* Persons eligible for concession rates of fees are those persons holding a Centrelink health care or pension card.

** A family (and concession family) may include up to a maximum of two adults and their children who are eligible to play as juniors within the Southern Districts Tennis Association junior competition.

I/we acknowledge that by signing this form I/we agree to abide by the constitutions, policies, procedures and decisions of the O’Halloran Hill Tennis Club Inc. and Tennis Australia.

Please note that your membership will not be successful until the full membership amount is either paid by cash to the Treasurer, or, deposited directly into the club bank account.

Enquiries to: 


  • Vicki Nash - 0417 852 518 (Treasurer)

  • Neil Davidson - 0434 602 017 (President)


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