OHTC Club Tournament 2021

The OHTC Club Tournament has been completed for another year!

On Sunday, 21st February 2021 we held the 37th running of our annual event which saw some great tennis from all levels with all matches played in good spirit.

Thank you to all players and supporters for making it a great day.  We would also like to thank the members who helped out volunteering.  It was massive day and we would like to also thank everyone for their patience in having to wait for their matches.

The winners of each event were:

Mens Open Singles - Cameron Nash

Mens Open Consolation Singles - Alex Hopkins

Womens Open Singles - Vicki Nash

Womens Open Singles Consolation - Lauren Wilson

Girls Open Singles - Tasha Kennewell

Boys Graded Singles - Jordan Pickard

Boys Graded Singles Consolation - Kojo Antwi

Green Ball Singles - Trai Antwi

Mens Open Doubles - Lachlan Madera & Scott Thompson

Womens Open Doubles - Vicki Nash & Tasha Kennewell

Mixed Doubles - Nick Pickard & Tayla Jackson

Boys Graded Doubles - Harry Skrokov & Tom Stone

Rellies Doubles - Radim & Lachlan Madera

Winter 2020


to the Div 7 Boys and Div 6 & 7 Men for winning their Grand Finals which were well fought.

Bad Luck to the Div 4 Women who only just lost.

Div 7 Boys - Premiers

Div 6 & 7 Men - Premiers

Summer 2019/20

A MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to the 2 Men / 2 Women Doubles and Div 4 Boys teams on being awarded Premiers who won through to the grand final before the season was abandoned. 
Congratulations to Drew, Andrew, Louise & Jill from the 2M/2W Doubles team, and Jordan, Rohan, Leon, Jared & Hayden from the Div 4 boys team.
Bad Luck to the Div 4 Women's team and Div 1 Men's team who both ended up 3rd after winning their first Semi-Final and not being able to continue their finals run.

Winter 2019

Congratulations to the Green Ball team on winning their Grand Final

Congratulations to the Div 10 men on winning their Grand Final