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2021 Winter Season - Senior Nomination Form
All players wishing to play in the 2021 winter season are asked to complete this form
  • Senior competition - Commences 1/5 – 14/8; No play 12/6, 10/7 

  • Finals 21/8, & 28/8 

  • It is an expectation that players will be available for finals

Senior team practices may be arranged by each time.  If lights are required, additional charges will apply

Senior team players are rostered to assist at the club (including canteen) during matches and packing up at the end of the day.

Membership and competition fees must be paid IN FULL BY 31st May. Accounts will be issued after nomination.


What competition are you nominating for?


If new to O’Halloran Hill Tennis Club - previous Tennis Experience:

Please add Division Played Summer 2020/21, Division played Winter 2020, Previous Club and if you are financial at the previous club or not


Please also state if you are happy for your or your first name and possibly photo to be used on social media and the club website if you are a winner of an award (ie, I give permission for both name and photo to be used, I give permission for name only to be used but no photo, I give permission for photo only but not name, I do not give permission for photos or name to be used)

I/we acknowledge that by signing this form I/we agree to abide by the constitutions, policies, procedures and decisions of the O’Halloran Hill Tennis Club Inc. and Tennis Australia.
I/we give permission for the publication/distribution of our mobile phone numbers (within the club).
I/we understand that we are responsible for the transport of our junior age players to/from venues and for supervision at venues including practice sessions.

I/we confirm that the player nominated on this form will be available for selection for all finals matches.

Enquiries to: 


  • Andrew Olds - 0422 042 337 (Seniors only)

  • Jamie Moroney - 0477 488 477 (Juniors only)

  • Neil Davidson - 0434 602 017 (General Enquiries)

Thanks for nominating!