Thursday Night Competition
All teams wishing to play in the Term 4 2020 (includes January 2021) Thursday Night Competition are asked to complete this form
  • Teams consist of 2 players (male, female or mixed). Each team must try to find their own reserve when required. We will attempt to help if needed

  • There will be 8 weeks guaranteed of minor rounds, starting on 29th October 2020.  The first 7 matches will be played from 29th October 2020 through to 10th December 2020, and the 8th minor round match will be played on 14th January 2021.  If any matches are rained out they will be postponed until the following week.

  • There will be a 2 week final series played on approximately 21st January 2021 and 28th January 2021 (or later if we are rained out for any weeks).  All teams play finals.

  • Matches will consist of 1 set of doubles and 1 set of singles per player - straight 6 game sets with tie-break at 6-6.

  • Competition will begin at 7.15pm.

  • If you don't have a partner, you can nominate anyway and we will try and find you a partner.

  • You will receive 2 points for a win, plus 1 point for each set won.


  • The cost is $140.00 per team for the 10 weeks, payable in full by the first night.


TERM 4, 2020 (includes January 2021) NOMINATION FORM

I/we acknowledge that by signing this form I/we agree to abide by the constitutions, policies, procedures and decisions of the O’Halloran Hill Tennis Club Inc. and Tennis Australia.
I/we give permission for the publication/distribution of our mobile phone numbers (within the club).

I/we confirm that by nominating we are committing to pay $70.00 per person ($140.00 per team) by 24th July 2020 

Enquiries to: 


  • Cameron Nash - 0403 895 500